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Riads in Marrakech For Sale

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We are your local experts for Riads in Marrakech For Sale. With over ten years of experience living and working in Marrakech Medina, Bosworth Property Marrakech brings you hands-on knowledge of the Old City and it’s fabulous architectural heritage. Watch this short video to find out more: Each Riad is different. Old or new. Big […]

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Expats in Marrakech

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What’s it like for Expats in Marrakech? Leaving aside the debate about the difference between an Expat and a Migrant, I would suggest that life for foreigners in Marrakech, and in Morocco in general, is a great experience. Marrakech is a vibrant international city with a distinctly cosmopolitan feeling. You can easily access both the […]

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Cost of Living in Marrakech

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I’m often asked about the cost of living in Marrakech. And it’s a surprisingly difficult question to answer. On the one hand you can live here with relatively little – certainly compared to Europe – and on the other hand it’s possible to spend a lot of money. It all depends on your lifestyle. Colin […]

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Is it safe for kids in Marrakech?

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Bosworth Property Marrakech gives you the straight answer. And the answer is YES, Marrakech is a very safe environment for kids and families. It’s a question I’m often asked – Is it safe for kids in Marrakech? Children have a very special place in Moroccan culture. They are considered pure and innocent and deserving of […]

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Fabulous Riad To Renovate Marrakech

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This Fabulous Riad To Renovate Marrakech is wonderfully located at the entrance to the much sought-after Sidi Bouamer Road in Riad Laarous, Marrakech Medina. It has a great Moroccan feel to it and is in very good condition indeed – the reason I have listed it as “To Renovate” is because it needs some bathrooms […]

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