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Security In Marrakech

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As Property Brokers Marrakech we are often asked about security in the city and the country generally. Is it safe on the streets? What are the risks of terrorist activity?

In general it’s fair to say that Marrakech Medina is a very safe place. There are no guns and knife crime is incredibly rare. It’s probably best for women not to walk on their own late at night, as in any town I’ve ever been to. The Medina polices itself to a large degree as everyone is known to everyone else. It’s rare to see uniformed policemen away from the main tourist hub around Jemaa El Fna square. There are two main issues for residents and visitors alike – pickpockets and what are euphemistically known as “false guides”.

Pickpockets exist all over the world, of course, and they favour crowded areas in Marrakech like the souks and the squares. You should pay particular attention when strolling in the souks. Keep your wallet and mobile phone in an inside pocket and keep your handbag closed.

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The false guides are generally young men who work in groups and look for visitors to “guide” towards places like the Tanneries. Upon arrival you will be firmly requested to pay for the service and it can be an intimidating experience. There are all sorts of convincing ruses and I have often watched these teams at work. A Tourist Brigade of the police was set up over ten years ago and has drastically reduced the amount of annoyance these people can cause. The best advice I can give is to kindly refuse all “spontaneous” offers of guidance. If you get lost just ask a local shopkeeper and you’ll usually get directions to wherever you’re heading.

There hasn’t been terrorist activity in Marrakech, or indeed in Morocco, for many years now. This is remarkable when you think of the repeated atrocities in Europe and elsewhere over the same time-frame. Morocco is a close ally of Europe and the US and collaborates on security matters. It certainly feels safe around town.

It is safe to travel to Morocco and visitors to Marrakech often remark on the placid nature of the city. Personally I feel safe walking the streets and it’s a great way to explore the winding derbs and hidden gems of this great Medina.

Feel free to call me on +212658025028 or mail colin@bosworthpropertymarrakech.com with any questions you may have about security in this lovely city. Or about us as Property Brokers Marrakech!


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