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Riads for Sale Marrakech

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When you’re looking for Riads For Sale Marrakech, I wonder if you have already explored the incredible diversity and richness of the farmers markets in the countryside all around the city …

Marrakech markets are truly astounding. The main picture on this article shows Souk Sebt about 12km out on the Fes Road. The diversity and freshness of the produce is the thing that first hits you. And the ripeness of the vegetables and fruit – tasty and colourful. You just can’t compare the wonderful quality of this food to the stuff you get in the supermarkets. Prices are low and it’s a lot of fun.

Are you looking to buy a sheep or a donkey? You’ve come to the right place! Does a quail, a guinea-fowl or a turkey tickle your fancy? They’re all here, along with rabbits, pigeons, day-old chicks … I’ve even seen tortoises and lizards for sale.

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You can also buy cereals and other dried foodstuffs. It makes for a fascinating morning out of the city and is really accessible. Most markets have big car-parks close by and public buses will run regularly to and from them.

Many of the smaller street markets in Marrakech Medina buy their produce here and bring it into town on small trucks or even by horse-drawn carriages. It’s a throw-back to days gone by in Europe when seasonal produce was brought to the towns for immediate sale. It really is fresh from farm to fork.

Take my advice and take the family on a morning stroll through one of the big farmers markets. It is a riot for the senses – the vivid colours and powerful aromas, the chatter of the farmers and the buyers. In many ways they remind me of the markets in Asia and are well worth a visit.

Feel free to call +212658025028 or mail colin@bosworthpropertymarrakech.com with any questions you may have about Marrakech and it’s amazing environment. Or if you would to find out more about Riads For Sale Marrakech, of course.


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