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Can Foreigners Buy Property in Morocco?

Foreigners Can Buy Property in Morocco

By in Property Advice Marrakech with 2 Comments

The short answer is that YES, foreigners can buy property in Morocco with very few exceptions. Even foreign non-residents can buy property in Morocco and it is a very friendly investment environment. I personally own property in Marrakech and consider it to be a fabulous investment.

Can Foreigners Own Property in Morocco? Many of our purchasing clients are foreign non-residents. The purchasing process is straightforward and secure. Watch this short video about the basics:

Firstly, make sure you work with a reputable real estate broker. Bosworth Property Marrakech is a registered broker with ten years experience here in Morocco.

Then make sure you are working with a top quality notary. The notary provides legal diligence for your property purchase. We can recommend international class English-speaking notaries who will assist you.

As a first-time buyer, stick to purchasing a Freehold Title Deed. Title Deeds are fixed in the Land Registry and provide you with uncontestable and eternal ownership of the real estate. You can sell your property, you can cede it and you can bequeath it without problem. It is a very similar system to that used in France and other european countries.

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Foreigners can buy property in Morocco

The only major restriction in Morocco is on foreigners buying agricultural land. You can lease it, but you can’t buy it – although even with agricultural lands there are nuances.

If you have any questions about foreign ownership of property in Morocco just get in touch with me either by phone/WhatsApp on +212658025028 or by mail colin@bosworthpropertymarrakech.com and I will provide clear and detailed answers. I look forward to hearing from you!

And please fill in the form below to obtain my free guides to buying and selling property in Morocco, as well as our more detailed contextual guide. They are full of useful information and they’re free!

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  2. Kimani says:

    Extremely helpful and kind person. I called him out of the blue with my questions and he was quick to respond with all the information I needed in order to lay the foundation for a purchase in Marrakech.

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