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Is it safe for kids in Marrakech?

It IS safe for kids in Marrakech!

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Bosworth Property Marrakech gives you the straight answer. And the answer is YES, Marrakech is a very safe environment for kids and families.

Is it safe for kids in Marrakech? - Bosworth Property Marrakech - Marrakech Real Estate - Marrakech Realty - Luxury property Marrakech
Kids are revered by Moroccan families

It’s a question I’m often asked – Is it safe for kids in Marrakech? Children have a very special place in Moroccan culture. They are considered pure and innocent and deserving of respect. As such, your kids are likely to be very spoilt by all the attention they will get here. We have a little four year old girl growing up in Marrakech Medina. She is treated like a goddess wherever she goes. Adults want to touch her hair – it is thought that by so doing they can acquire some of the Baraka, the good energy, of the child. It’s very innocent and charming.

Whilst adults can get hassled on the street and fall victims to small-time scams, if you are with your children this is an incredibly rare phenomenon. They are considered off limits to the (usually) young men who hang around looking for tourists to “guide”.

Probably the greatest danger to kids in Marrakech is the traffic. So make sure they are safe around cars and motorcycles. In the souks and narrow streets it’s best to walk on the right and stay close.

There’s plenty for kids to do in Marrakech. There are some fabulous water parks – such as Oasiria – and many green spaces for relaxing and playing. There are good international schools in Marrakech.

So relax, and bring your kids to enjoy the wonders and the magic of this fabulous city. They will be safe and they will have memories to last a lifetime!

If you have any questions about kids in Marrakech, or indeed any other subject you would like to raise with us, we are available 24/7 by phone or WhatsApp on +212658025028 or by mail colin@bosworthpropertymarrakech.com – we look forward to hearing from you!


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