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Expats in Marrakech

Expats in Marrakech

By in Marrakech Lifestyle with 1 Comment

What’s it like for Expats in Marrakech?

Leaving aside the debate about the difference between an Expat and a Migrant, I would suggest that life for foreigners in Marrakech, and in Morocco in general, is a great experience. Marrakech is a vibrant international city with a distinctly cosmopolitan feeling. You can easily access both the historical and cultural aspects of the city, whilst also enjoying the modernity and hip vibe of a happening place.

Colin talks about his experience as an expat in Marrakech in this short video:

Expats in Marrakech
Uber cool Marrakech

I came to Marrakech for a number of reasons:

We enjoy over 300 days of sunshine a year – the Riad I live in doesn’t even have a roof!

We have a city centre airport with hundreds of flights a day to all the major European cities.

It’s a really cool place to work – once you get used to the somewhat laid-back approach to time keeping. You can find real flexibility here – something that has long been lost in Europe and elsewhere. There are tax breaks for start-ups. You can create and develop in Marrakech like nowhere I’ve ever worked. It’s edgy and exciting.

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Marrakech is the design capital of the northern hemisphere – Expats in Marrakech

There are numerous national associations. I am personally member of British and Swiss business associations and Chambers of Commerce. Social life is vibrant and dynamic. We have friends from over 20 nations here. And we live in a little street with Moroccan families all around. They are welcoming and generous with us. During the COVID lockdown they were bringing us food to the door! Fabulous.

Marrakech is a marvellous place for Expats. It is a sociable city, ancient yet modern, with real freedom to express yourself and to make your life. Yes, it’s a muslim country, yet this is as tolerant and open a society as I have ever seen. Come to Marrakech!


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1 Comment

  1. […] certainly compared to some european jurisdictions. It is a remarkably safe country to live in, and even more so an expat. Marrakech lifestyle is wonderful – it is an open and tolerant place with a distinctly […]

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