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Security Situation in Marrakech

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Security situation in Marrakech - Riad For Sale Marrakech - Buy Riad Marrakech - Riads For Sale

One of the questions people ask me most often is about the security situation in Marrakech. On a general level this question is usually framed as “Is it safe to travel there?” Then, more specifically “Is it safe on the streets?” Given the relentlessly negative outlook of large sections of the foreign press to everything […]

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Speaking English in Marrakech

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English in Marrakech - Riads For Sale from bosworthpropertymarrakech.com - Riad For Sale Marrakech - Riads a Vendre Marrakech - Riad a Vendre Marrakech

People often ask me what is the biggest change I’ve noticed in Marrakech since I arrived some years ago. My answer sometimes surprises – English in Marrakech is now spoken everywhere. When I arrived this was patently not the case. In hotels as in the souks, the first words spoken to visitors were always in […]

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Marrakech – A Tale of Two Cities

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Bosworth Property Marrakech - Riads For Sale - Riad For Sale - Property For Sale

Marrakech really is a tale of two cities. The impressive ramparts that encircle the old Medina serve as a defining arbiter of the city’s urban identity. Within the walls lies a sprawling medaieval town of sinuous alleyways, historic Mosques, grand old Riads and bustling market places. Outside is a modern, thriving city first developed under […]

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Dar Cherifa – A Medina Masterpiece

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Dar Cherifa - Riads For Sale Marrakech - Riad For Sale Marrakech - Marrakech Realty - Marrakech Real Estate - Immobilier Marrakech - Riads a Vendre Marrakech

Dar Cherifa is a true Medina Masterpiece. One of the great Riads in Marrakech. I went for a cup of tea there yesterday and I’m always amazed by the architectural refinement of this 16th Century jewel. It lies in the Mouassine quarter at the heart of the great Souks. Restored in 2000 by the owner, […]

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