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Mauresque Marrakech

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Mauresque Marrakech – where sublime architecture meets fabulous lifestyle with Bosworth Property Marrakech. Mauresque architecture and design have fascinated travellers since the hey dey of the Moroccan empire more than 500 years ago. It mixes the fabulously ornate with geometrical figures. You will find vaulting arches leading to discreet yet flambouyant spaces. You can still […]

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Chic Marrakech Property

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Chic Marrakech Property with Bosworth Property Marrakech. If you’re looking for beautiful Riad, a luxury villa or a great apartment here in sunny Marrakech, Bosworth Property is at your service. With over ten years experience in the Red City, we have a fabulous portfolio of Marrakech Property For Sale. The weather is fabulous all year […]

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Marrakech Realty

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Marrakech Realty – all you need to know about Realty in Marrakech, from the Marrakech property specialists, Bosworth Property Marrakech. Marrakech can seem a daunting prospect at times. Yet, with the proper advice it can be a most rewarding investment. Whether you are interested in acquiring Realty in Marrakech for your private use or as […]

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What is a Riad?

By in Property Advice Marrakech with 3 Comments

A Riad is a courtyard house found in the old cities of Morocco. These properties have a classically defined layout centered around a courtyard. In fact, it is the courtyard that gives meaning and feeling to the Riad. Each person’s vision of Islamic Heaven,as described in the Koran, will instruct the use of the courtyard […]

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Can Foreigners Buy Property in Morocco?

By in Property Advice Marrakech with 2 Comments

Can Foreigners Own Property in Morocco?

The short answer is that YES, foreigners can buy property in Morocco with very few exceptions. Even foreign non-residents can buy property in Morocco and it is a very friendly investment environment. I personally own property in Marrakech and consider it to be a fabulous investment. Can Foreigners Own Property in Morocco? Many of our […]

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Antique Indian Furniture Marrakech

By in Around Marrakech with 0 Comments

Antique Indian Furniture Marrakech. From the private collection of an experienced purchaser, these antique pieces will make your Riad something special. There is a special energy that links Marrakech with the Indian subcontinent. Antique Indian furniture and fittings meld seamlessly into the arabo-andalusian architecture. The rare pieces that are available through this channel are totally […]

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Top 5 Sporting Events in Marrakech

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Top 5 Sporting Events in Marrakech Over the years, Marrakech has gradually but surely caught the attention of numerous international sporting events. From racing to rallies, the up-and-coming city has even initiated some of its own athletic affairs which have gained international prestige. Here are my top 5 sporting events hosted in Marrakech so far […]

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Top 5 Bars In Marrakech New Town

By in Marrakech Lifestyle with 1 Comment

Top 5 Bars in Marrakech New Town Fancy a cocktail after a long day of haggling around the souks? Although Marrakech rightfully boasts its rich culture and extensive history, the red city’s expanding night life often flies under the radar. From cabaret to panoramic views, here are my top 5 favourite bars in Marrakech! 1. […]

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