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Antique Indian Furniture Marrakech

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Antique Indian Furniture Marrakech. From the private collection of an experienced purchaser, these antique pieces will make your Riad something special. There is a special energy that links Marrakech with the Indian subcontinent. Antique Indian furniture and fittings meld seamlessly into the arabo-andalusian architecture. The rare pieces that are available through this channel are totally unique. Sold as a lot. Fabulous value – way below market price. 10’000 euros for the whole collection. Don’t hesitate. +212658025028 colin@bosworthpropertymarrakech.com

Enjoy this short introduction to this hidden collection:

Some of the pieces are stunning – look at this old commode from Rajasthan.

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And there are two of these absolutely gorgeous hard wood aeration vents from the early 1800’s. They have heavy iron bars on the back and are in great condition.

Riads For Sale Marrakech - Riad For Sale Marrakech - Marrakesh Realty - Marrakech Real Estate - Immobilier Marrakech - Riads a Vendre Marrakech

These cupboard doors are spectacular. There are 6 unique pieces. They have copper embossing and wonderful detailing. All the items for sale are in heavy old hardwood.

Antique Indian Furniture Marrakech

The collection comprises:
4 antique wardrobes with original mirrors (some need replacing)
6 antique cupboard doors
2 antique aeration vents (80cm x 80cm)
1 antique commode
2 antique hardwood columns with capitals and base stones
1 antique massive cupboard without doors (2.2m high)
4 recent massive panelled hardwood ceilings (2.1m x 2.1m)
2 recent hardwood window frames
6 antique low tables

There are further photos below. Get in touch with me now if you’ld like to see the collection. It’s an absolute bargain and will make the lucky purchaser very happy! These unique pieces will make your Riad stand out from the crowd. Call +212658025028. Thank you!

Antique Indian Furniture Marrakech

More recent hand carved hardwood ceilings

Detail of a massive antique cupboard

Antique Indian Furniture

Exquisite antique cupboard doors


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